Good Customer Service Award (4th Quarter, 2021) (Sep-Dec)
Good Customer Service Award (4th Quarter, 2021) (Sep-Dec)
Good Customer Service Award
Mr. Lo Chi Fai
Mr. Lo is the teacher-in-charge of extra-curricular activities (ECA) and Houses. During the pandemic, the operation of ECAs was seriously hindered. Mr. Lo led his team to find opportunities for the students to participate in activities. He spared no effort in arranging a unified training schedule for the six uniformed teams, and urged the team members to take various measures to strengthen epidemic prevention. In addition, Mr. Lo took the initiative to optimize the records of students' learning profiles, allowing students to use online forms to revise their personal records in the system, so that they can learn which areas they still need to work on, and then seek teachers' advice. In order to cope with the inconvenience caused by the suspension of classes, including the learning difficulties faced by cross-border students during the period, Mr. Lo pushed forward the electronic announcements system, allowing the school to keep in touch with students and parents anytime, anywhere. Mr. Lo also actively participated in voluntary work, and was awarded the Service Award and Outstanding Service Certificate by the Hong Kong Red Cross in 2020-21, setting a good example for students.